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So, on Monday, my companion/friend wasn’t feeling well. Her back was hurting. I decided to skip jazzercise and I brought her to my house. We watched Call the Midwives and we ate my leftover cream of chicken soup. She seemed ok. I had a heating pad on her back and massaged it. I took her home. When we were in her driveway, her eyes rolled back in her head. She just stared past me and then collapsed in the front seat of the car. I ran in the house and called for her SIL and told him to call 911…thank God he was home. He came outside and tried to get her into the house. She vomited and vomited. then collapsed in the driveway…I will never make that cream of chicken soup again! When he saw for himself how bad she was, he called 911. Just me, my unconscious friend, and my cream of chicken soup.
The paramedics were great. We ended up in emergency.
I have to go again…there is something wrong with my dog. I’ll write more later…
to make a long story short, my friend is ok. She is in the hospital with a kidney infection and perhaps something wrong abdominally.
Now, I have no idea what is wrong with my dog!