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I been going over my finances and realised that I need to tighten my belt even more till October to pay of a credit card asap . I am paying around £1000 a month to this card . It really hurts me I could of done so much with that money but I need to pay of these gambling debts I have accumulated for the last year and when I look back I could of avoided these so easily had I given my finances to my other half to control .

After October I will than have to tackle another card and than another and another it’s like never ending cycle
I got 3 cards to pay in total and it is taking ages .

I cut down all my outgoings right down in order to pay of these nasty debts .

Everytime I make payment I been reducing my credit limit but these silly cards make it so hard in order to reduce it .

Am I ever going to be debt free I say to my self , am I ever going to enjoy my earnings without having to hand it over to a creditcard company I say to my self . I can’t see the light end of this tunnel .