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So sorry to hear about the death of your friend B! Only 55!
I don’t get it about the online casino pop ups! Thank God, I’m not technical.
My daughter (in Oz) often says “let’s Skype” but it never happened! I do get a lot of Skype pop ups though, mainly from army guys in the U S. I cant figure how that happens and I won’t try!
I loved what you wrote about “Taking the poison and hoping it will kill the other person”, B.
I wanted to punish hubby and son yesterday. They were going against me big time just to be awkward.
I thought “I ll shut them up by disappearing and do my own thing!” Then I remembered your” poison “analogy and decided to come home and stuff myself with food instead.
More stinkin’ thinkin’, but at least it didn’t cost me a Grand!