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My daughter (the youngest, who had her credit ruined) texted me the other day to tell me that $12,000 bills were removed from her credit. I was cautious at first, as I know that items may disappear while a dispute is in process, but she stopped by today and told me (and insisted to show me) that they were permanently removed. Haha, she told me I should dispute my bills. I explained to her that wouldn’t be right, because (and yes, even though most of them stem from my having to hire attorneys just to see them, in past, and to protect us more recently) integrity is important. Where she has a “moral right” as she was still in high school, our dependent … and the court recognizes a duty to support children attending college (though “of course” creditors don’t have to respect those court orders … but they give credence to orders of judgment and no rest to the weary!)

Okay, I know nobody responded back yet but I encouraged myself in writing to others and reading their posts and of course the good news helps. Have you ever been in a situation where something was going on or being discussed and you are kind of waiting for (and of course, hoping) someone else to take the lead and address something? Just a general example, I was in (nursing) school and one of the students was complaining and criticizing the instructor, for putting questions on our exams “from the supplemental text”. I couldn’t take it and nobody else spoke up (and I am shaking every time because I hate it) I addressed the fact that we were going to be responsible for people’s LIVES and therefore, should know as much as possible and know it well. To me, it was sort of a no-brainer? Would any or have any of you felt like that in a situation and speak up or take action, even if it didn’t really change anything? There’s more, but I am still sorting some if it out and would also like to know about other people’s experiences, or if other people spoke up/acted, but you would have otherwise. Thanks!