Hi All
some success today!
First for you Velvet you asked me to do something for myself and tell you so I did.
I went shopping and bought myself some new make up. Ive not been putting it on much but made myself wear it last two days. Was only 13 quid and it felt good. I also bought myself a journal to keep a record of my jpurney. Maybe theres a best seller in me and Id love to give some money to the website.
Today I canclled his phone. Its on my name and in the last 15 months hes paid the contract about twice and goes over it massively . I cancelled out going calls and interent but left incoming so his kids can contact him if necessary. I felt awful and cried but I did it and was proud of myself.
Im taking back my self respect. Why should i pay after what he said to me, in fact why should i pay anyhow?
I know we may never be togteher again but how can he respect me if I dodnt respect myself/ And if we are ever togteher again I will be demanding respect from him, I deserve it. It was a very hard day, I went shopping after work, everyone seemed happy in shops except me but I did it. Was glad to get home and chat in group, is my lifeline at minute.
Hope to speak to you all over weekend.
Love Neecy xxx