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Hi Dcor, since you are living in the US, here are some things you might want to do to protect yourself and your family financially. If you live in a community property state, you are responsible for the debt your wife accumulates whether you know about it or not. Pull both your credit reports to check if there are any loans or credit cards you do not know about. Sign up for credit monitoring so you are notified if your wife applies for something behind your back. Make sure YOU are paying all the bills. She might get upset but that is the addiction talking. Best case scenario would be for her to hand over all her cards to you and give you access to her account so you can monitor what is going on. Do not give her any money for anything and don’t pay any debts for her. Your state should have a council for problem gambling, you can find it on the internet. They are an excellent recourse for all kind of info. GA and GamAnon groups in your area, treatment providers etc. The more you know about this addiction the stronger your position. Had I known all this, I would have not have my life destroyed by my hb’s addiction to the extent it ended up to be. Right now, you and your kids are all that matters, sad as it is.