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Sometimes I feel like running away, my family live in another city, sometimes just want to get on the train and run away from all this…

I know I sound like a child but I really do…

I didn’t sign up for this, I didn’t know it would be like this..

I didn’t even know it was so severe, he acted like it was something small… What I don’t get is how can you waste your hard earned money like this…..

In his mind he hasn’t broken any rules and it’s a misunderstanding… He didn’t really want the phone…. But he said to me I will use it I’m an adult you can’t ban me from the internet….. I heard him clearly.. I asked do you realise your breaking the rules… And now he’s saying no you misunderstood me.. BUT I DIDNT, it’s so frustrating ….

He’s said to me last night that I haven’t given him a fair chance, and is using the kids saying he loves them they love him. Why am I doing this to our family. I can’t believe he can’t see that for the past three years I have kept our family together through all of his bull.

It’s as if he seems to think he can talk me out of my decision, keeps messaging me telling me when I talk to you, you will change your mind.

If I let him stay, I know it will only take a few days to a week for something to happen then what? I’ve heard sorry so many times that I don’t even care about this word anymore. It has no meaning to me. This time is different is another one…

I never thought I would find myself in this situation, we’ve built a life together and here we are dealing with this.

Wish me luck, any advice and tips are always welcome..