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Sometimes when I read posts on this site I feel
I fall short .
I love your reply Monica and try as I might I cannot put words together the way others do on here.
But I do my best and I guess that’s what counts .

I am blissfully happy tonight .
Not because I am on day 20 tomorrow …
Not because I have fewer urges …
But because I think I am starting to leave absintence behind and really enter recovery .

I put my laziness aside today and pushed myself to do stuff.
Some of that stuff involved making sure my son took responsibility for stuff in his life .

I was truly inspired by a post on f and f I read this morning.
I’m not sure what is was about the post- I think it was the strength this dad is showing despite the worries he has about his son .
I’m not sure why this post impacted upon me but it spurred me on to do things , to take action with my own son.

We have had a great day – not going bowling or to the movies , but simply doing chores together and sitting together with homework .

I realised that I need to take some responsibility for teaching my son responsibility – he hasn’t had the best role model to date .
I have found it harder to connect with my son since he got older -today I realised I haven’t put the time into connecting.
Plain and simple. -I have been too distracted .

Day 20 tomorrow – feeling so blessed , so happy and so positive