Sorry for the slow response, Hope!

Glad to hear things are improved for you, but keep a watchful eye! CGs are tricky! I went into a “speed wobble” myself last month but I’m back on track now.
I don’t want to upset what seems to be a very cosy arrangement, Hope but it takes time before a CG can be trusted again. It doesn’t happen overnight even though we can make it appear that all is normal! We are good at playing “double games”.
Make sure his family and friends are kept up to date on recent arrangements in case he manages to borrow “for Christmas” , for example. That would be difficult to refuse. Also look out for any phone calls or emails from Loan Companies. At this time of year, they throw money at vulnerable people!
Hopefully this is all in my imagination, but I will quote a CG called “Geordie” who says wisely,
“Even though the monkey has jumped off your back, it doesn’t mean the circus has left town”!

Get all your “Santa” gifts early to make sure the children are looked after.
Then sit back and enjoy the run up to Christmas.
I would pass on the counselling for now but it would be reasonable to ask him to attend GA or read this Forum at least!