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I did the same thing, the bank literally HAS to give you any available $ that you have available to you. By law. They can make a note of it, and maybe mention it when you are trying to withdraw, but chances are you , like myself, will tell them give me the $ I am asking for(happened to me 100 times). I know the feeling all too well if losing all of your savings, and chasing losses was my downfall. Basically you need to accept the money you have lost is gone, you are never going to get it back, you can only make the number larger should you decide to chase more., and even if you did get it back, you would convince your brain that you have $ again to gamble and you will play smarter yada yada yada been there 100 times also, the more money we have the more available funds we have is only more time to fuel this evil addiction. How long do you want to feel that pain of losing , winning, losing it all again , until like myself, there is nothing left to gamble. Almost consider it a relief that it’s over… now time to be smart. Learn from mistakes, work hard, rebuild your finances and your mental health. Don’t think like a gambler, think like a measured individual who is wise and learning from mistakes. Think of your losses as a car loan or a student loan.. pay it off in time… don’t think of it as gambling loss.

Take care