Sorry to hear you are going though such stress and turmoil Hope!
From the minute I read your first post I felt as a CG, you were being duped! Your CG had NO input into his recovery . He went along with things because he was “cornered”! I don’t say this in judgement. Hope but I do have some insight into the working of a CGs mind. Our thinking becomes seriously flawed. We apply irrational thoughts to rational situations. When we become desperate to gamble we will do ANYTHING to get that release. The more we are thwarted in our effort the more likely we are to explode. It is very difficult to describe. I remember driving through a serious floods to “my” casino one November night about 7 years ago! The water was coming into the car! I was petrified! Every “river” I drove through seemed deeper but I got there . It took me 4 hours to travel a 50min journey. When I arrived the guy who worked there said “How did YOU get her?” There were only 2 other locals at the machines! I lost a fortune that night. They closed early and I had to drive the return journey. I definitely put my life at risk that night. I’m telling you this to highlight the desperation of a CG and this is mild compared to other “dramas” !
You are getting great support from F and F members. Read it and take it on board.
I would suggest that you DON’T ” put your CG out!” As Jenny says that will give him a great reason to gamble. Do not listen to his threats, manipulation or indeed promises.
WORDS MEAN NOTHING at this stage . nly actions.
Of course he gambled on the day of his “intervention” . That’s how we CGs cope with stress. We gamble! Of course he took cash from the bank. CGs HAVE to have ammunition ready “in case things go belly up”. Of course he is crying/begging and pleading YOU are his only hope now….not hope fpr a happy life, I’m sorry to say, but hope of him securing his next gamble!
the last straw is using the children as a pawn……YOU will have to draw the line there.
My suggestion is to sit tight . Let him do as he pleases. Issue no treats or promises. Just act as if all is normal and do not leave under any circumstances.