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In recovery, insanity is often describe as the belief that we can gamble or take something outside ourselves to fix what is wrong inside ourselves – our feeling
If we have been clean for a while we may find that a whole new level of denial is making it difficult to see the insanity in our lives.

Recovery is a process, not an event.

If I am very disappointed with my growth in recovery
I need to check my expectations
Am I having unrealistic expectations?
Do I expect myself to never get angry again in recovery?
Do I expect myself to behave perfectly all the time in recovery?

Many of us have discover that we gain the most peace and serenity by letting go
of any expectation we may have about how our recovery is progressing.

How and Why define the term restoration to sanity as a point where gambling
and its accompanying insanity are not controlling our lives.
We see sanity in our lives when begin developing a perspective that
allows us to make better decisions.
We begin to have a maturity and wisdom to slow down and consider
all aspect of a situation before acting.

Our lives will change, many of us have no problem identifying the sanity in our lives when we compare:
Our gambling days to our early recovery
Our early recovery to some clean time with long term recovery
All of this is a process
Our need for a restoration to sanity will change over time.

When we are new
Being restored to sanity probably means not having to gamble anymore
When that happens, some of the insanity that is directly and obviously tied to gambling will stop.

If we have been in recovery for some time
We find that we have no problem believing in a Power greater than ourselves that can help us stay clean.

We may not have considered what a restoration to sanity means to us beyond clean yet.
As we grow in our recovery, it is very important that our idea of the meaning of sanity also grow.