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Hi Vera,
Thanks for posting. I requested a sponsor as I knew I could not do this on my own. I have no emotional supports in my life so I knew that I needed help in respect of this. If you wanted to do steps 1 to 3, there was always someone to speak to at the end of the meeting. The meetings I go to are very well structured, which was certainly not the case with the 1st meeting I went to one year previously which was why I did not return as there was lots of disruptive cross talk I think GA is patchy by meetings in how well run it is. The steps are all written work and I will be given my own file to keep those in. The meetings have subject matter every four weeks i.e. Steps one week, experience strength and hope the next etc. I think it is the thought that brings the emotion… have spent too long in this life with no emotional support. Honesty is encouraged at GA. If we cannot be honest there then where can we be? However, it does leave one vulnerable I guess and I wonder about how much one should open up in a group setting particularly when I am usually, but no always, the only woman. Hence not going this evening as I did not want anyone to see the emotional mess I was in. I have always been known for my emotional detachment in my work as this makes one very effective in what one does, and I would not want to linger for very long in this state as I will just end up a jibbering emotional wreck and I do not want that to be the case. I appreciate you looking in on me Vera and I hope that you are doing Ok. Love and best regards to you.