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There is a stigma attached to it I think Monica.

I went to Aldi a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t that cheap, I bought a couple of bits of fresh meat and it was just as good if not better than Tesco. I must admit though I also do like to buy some nicer stuff these days as a reward to myself for not gambling I suppose. I like the Charlie Bingham meals but these are dead dear.

In the months after my coma I went to the food bank and they turned me away, I remember posting on here about it, apparently you have to be referred.

I was that desperate I ended up going to a local church hall with the homeless people off the street I was that desperate. For me I was starving and desperate, I had to cut my cloth according to my means.

Maybe you wont go to Aldi or Lidl because there is a stigma attached to it.

Your current situation dosn’t give you the means to shop at pricier places maybe you just can’t fully accept that yet?

I’m like you I can go days without food, I have had to many times, but at the end of the day getting cheaper stuff from Aldi is better for your health than not eating at all. And I would say better than the takeaways Pete gives you sometimes.

I think the GA bloke was wrong, yes we are powerless over gambling but no its not alright to exonerate ourselves from blame. When we know no better, when we are first taken over by addiction, fair enough.

But once we completely accept that we are powerless over it and our lives had become unmanageable because of it, it is definitely our own choice as to whether we go back to it, even once more. We might convince ourselves it wasn’t our choice, it happened coz this happened, or he said this, or I just found myself doing it are not viable anymore.

As Vera has said we are only powerless against it once we place that first bet. Nobody forces us to place a bet. People, especially those who know of our problem would tell us not to.

I’m not saying you should go to Aldi or Lidl, but I am saying a lady with your stomach and chest problems shouldnt be going 24 hrs without food, especially when smoking as much.

You know that already, I know, but just my input.