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Not going to lie I have relapsed a few times since this post. I have since started getting councilling sessions via phone calls through a company called necca if anyone has ever heard of it? UK based and quite helpful and it’s free of charge. She has mentioned a few good things finding out my triggers for gambling and also suggesting contacting my WiFi provider and blocking gambling as well as my phone contract company to do the same, all of which has been done as of yesterday so hopefully start of me not gambling as I physically can’t. Thanks for your words jade it’s a tough time knowing you need to stop and the money that is getting wasted but just not been able to, I have realised that you never meet a poor bookmaker and that I’ll only ever loose even if I win £1000 I will still end up putting that In Plus £500 of my own money, but can only try again. I’ll try keep use updated as it’s good to talk.