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I wrote a long post and lost it! Ugh. My Daughter and her Boyfriend are here. My Granddaughter likes him. I’m so happy.
We are still battling colds. UGH!!
I will know more about my financial mess on Tuesday via a phone interview with SS! I’m not sure how this is going to affect my pension or my survivors pension. All I know is that my income will be reduced by nearly $900 starting in December. I can tighten my belt and my Daughter is going to send the original amount agreed upon monthly. This should get me through the interim until this is all sorted.
I haven’t gambled. I can’t make matters worse.
I have no savings as I have been spending on house projects, ect… That too will need to change!
Finishing my hot tea then I’m cleaning the storage room. Time to donate. Maybe I will find a few items to sell.