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Well yesterday I weighed myself, I eat hardly anything and I put on 2lbs. It’s bread folks, that’s all it can be. But still 10 lbs less than when I went away. Benefit of hindsight I can’t drink and that’s all people wanted to do when away plus only sugary drinks available when needed to drink something. Need to think very carefully if I choose to go on holiday again. This last one finished me on that front for a while.
So, I am different. Like rg I am lactose intolerant. From being able to eat anything up to age 59, I now have to stop all dairy and sugar, and high fat.
Yesterday I went for a facial and again was told my skin was very soft, which is nice when our efforts are noticed. I booked a makeover at Charlotte tilbury. I don’t wear make up but as I am looking at everything I might as well try that for fun. Had acupuncture at my Chinese guy and deliberately booked for another 3 weeks ahead as am phasing it out. It helped but not that much, it needed other changes to take place. He said again, you don’t look unwell, you always look very smart. Nice. I then took my iPad to the iPad hospital. I wanted to do group on Friday but my iPad packed up and it cost be 70 quid for replacing a small part ie the charging port which was loose. Apparently on phone and iPads these r the first things to go as we have to charge them up so often. Amazing how bereft I felt without my iPad. Use it for tv, ie Netflix, look up 100 things a day and do most of my shopping on it.
Spoke to my son who co big back from Chicago is off on a free cruise with a friend all poker related, lent him 100 quid which I know I will get back when he is back working on his return.
Watched Eurovision. Wrong song won and poor old brits last again. My, how Europe hate us? It was not deserved.
Today the house is a tip as neither my son or I have washed up for a day and the sink is full. I have some work to do today.