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Woke up with a sore throat and a sort of oooer feeling but it isn’t bad. Pleasant and beautiful sunny day. I sat in my shared communal garden for about an hour in the sun.amazing what you appreciate, the simple things in life. Fresh air finally. Got very excited when my hello fresh box was delivered. I am getting excited about cooking food, which was delivered together with a ciabatta and bottle of Malbec. We have never eaten so well in this time of being at home.
I lost 6lbs last week, a delayed reaction to my 3 day fast two weeks ago. I always have delayed reactions, story of my life. So i can indulge in a few calories and cookedan oven baked risotto. I find I can now eat some of the foods I haven’t been able to eat in small amounts.mEveryone thinks I am a good cook but it is just following a hello fresh recipe. Never did I think I would enjoy cooking, but I do and have become an aficionado of the risotto.