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Superstitions and gambling seem to be closely linked.
I have put off posting incase writing about it would somehow curse my recovery. So here goes …

Recovery is going well – I am into my seventh week gamble free- and that is completely gamble free unlike in the past when I decided lottery didn’t ***** because I was not addicted to the lottery .

What is going a lot more slowly is financial recovery – I have so many payments going out it is difficult to survive until payday. I feel I stopped just in time, before everything in my world came tumbling down. I didn’t reach rock bottom perhaps, but I definitely was one step away. This week I will ring creditors and reduce those payments.

The rest of my life had improved an insane amount – the biggest change however is the change inside me – I have a new calmness I cannot explain. This is changing the way I relate to people and all my relationships are improving- I am even handling the few difficult people in my life better.

That’s about it – still no painting done, but maybe today…