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It is interesting that you have externalised your behaviour as a demon outside of yourself. I don’t think that is a bad thing. I communicated with the part of me that gambles and tried to understand what were the pluses of gambling that I couldn’t see. Working with those through counselling helped a lot.

You said, “I have stopped him before, a year once but drifted back. The demon convinces me this time you have it controlled and I believe him.”

A year is good going for someone with this problem – and if you can do that once you can do it again and more. But don’t allow yourself to be convinced. I have been stopped for over a decade and part of that is knowing that I cannot control myself when I play. I have tried the “setting limits” and “when the fun stops stop.” None of this works for me. My brain goes on overdrive and I can’t think straight and I am convinced to gamble just to switch off. The only thing that works for me is not to start – EVER.

So live with the demon, maybe find out what he wants with you, but don’t let him out to play. I wish you well.