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Johnny B


That is a terrific paragraph….The characteristics of gambling, that make us want to gamble, are exactly what gambling takes away from us.

That is profound, and I applaud you again on your recovery.  You must truly be accepting, and controlling your life to see exactly why gambling is corrupt (for lack of a better word).  It preys upon us.  I wont call us weak, because it is us on this site that have taken control of our lives back, and it has taken every bit of my strenght to do it.

Do I want to play again.  A most resounding yes!.  Can I play again.  Not if I know what is good for me.  The progress I (we) have made is something I do not want to have to start over again.  I spent 30 years wondering why I didn’t have the resoursces that my peers had….and there is one simple answer..  I gambled way more than any of them did.

 But one thing I can say, Is I think I am more in touch with myself than I ever was, and I understand, and enjoy life much more in the last five months that I have been behaving myself.

Best wishes, keep up the good work, and solid words of encouragement!

Johnny B