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Lovely helpful posts. Am just about to set out for my sisters and I just wanted to come and thank everyone for their support and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. I have missed coming in to support and groups but will do evening groups when I am back on the 27th. No trains like last year. Rail replacement bus service that takes hours, Had a lovely drink with pete last night. The pub let bailey in. Pete is broke as he has been ill with a chest cold and the old man he lives with may sell up as it looks like he may have a serious illness, I hope not. I know pete misses me and I miss him and bailey. Not a yearning missing but just acknowledging that I love him. He said I changed his life for the better which I know is true. He still managed to get a card and bottle of wine for my family. I gave him money for Xmas and a bottle of Remy Martin.
My daughter has offered me a room in her house as they need to increase their Income. Will discuss when I visit after New Year.
Anyhoo, I pray for all with a gambling addiction that we find the joy of recovery and a life in Christ whatever our higher power is as we see it.
Ps I tried blocking the Facebook game in my iPad but didn’t work. Anyone know how to block a Facebook game permanently?