Thanks for advising the support group was not working.
It was 3am in my time zone and I randomly woke up and thought I would enter to chat… glad it was not me!
I love this website and read it every day since discovering it a month ago. It helps me somewhat to know I am not the only one that is experiencing such heartache. I know my husband must admit he has a gambling addiction in order for him to be the beautiful person he is and not treat me with such disrespect and verbal abuse. I have done all I can do to help him and know he must help himself. I separated from him and moved in with our 2 young children to my parents home in the hope he would realise the extent of the problem. However after almost 3 months nothing has changed. He has moments where he is apologetic but then reverts to blaming me and denial. I tell him if he wants to blame me he can as I realise it is his addiction and he tells me he is not addicted. Despite all I have and am enduring I would go back to him if only he could admit the full extent of his problem and start treating me like a loving husband. It is so sad dealing with his mood swings ie angry and cruel one day then apologetic the next.