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In my 36years it’s not very often I have been lost for words. I have missed hearing the words of the people who understand, I have tried to move forward, after my residential treatment ended, I took it upon myself, that I must go it alone, its been a lonely time. Thank you for making me realise, I am not alone and for the beautiful words, its helped more than you will ever realise. So you keep up the good work 74 days now is it?? I will endeavour to keep my recovery posted, what worries me is, when do I stop being in recovery?? It could be an intense thread..
I have to say your post gave me the words I have been looking for, when describing our addiction, such enduring words.

I have the odd day were I think buying a scratch-card wouldn’t cause any major problem.. I have the coping skills now, which allows me to argue the fact, because, it may not be a problem today, but it will be the cause of my problems 6 months down the line.

Gambling is evil, it turned me evil..never thought I would be happy again, thank you for helping me realise, I am on the right track.
I am sure our paths will cross again, be strong.

Love to you from the bottom of my heart