Jenny, your words are an encouragement. I have felt “blown off and buried” for some time now. It has sort of “blown my mind” that even trying to contact someone in the media (and I have made many attempts, government , media, advocacy) … this is such a “crazy” situation, I was SURE there would be response, help, concern.

A few things have struck me, having too much time on my hands to think.

1) I’m not a criminal nor have I committed a tort. Yet, thanks to divorce (regulated by law) I have been a “legally regulated hostage” for the past sixteen years. In fact, had I committed a crime, I would likely not face as serious/cruel penalties as I have had to endure for the mere fact that I was married and a parent, who cares about her children. There is something wrong with that.

2) Since the house (the source of my now non-existent settlement) has gone through foreclosure, I have come to realize the banks are assured of a nice, stream-lined procedure to have their orders carried out and their judgment obtained. Divorce, also a civil filing and with civil orders, is not something where there is ANY procedure to get things carried out, especially if one person balks or intentionally trieds to thwart the decree. I’m “stuck and screwed” because it is almost necessary to have the paperwork done with style taking precedence over the substance.

3) I recently read an article that stated gambling is Indiana’s 3rd largest source of income. That right there tells me why CG is not receiving attention and families are merely being shunted into therapy and bankruptcy. Businesses and etc have mechanisms to get funds back and it is considered “crime” in those cases where money is taken that does not belong to the gambler.

4) I have learned that casinos make a pretty good deal on CG. When they “extend credit” and the gambler does not/cannot make good, casinos can sue for treble damamges. And they WILL WIN. I’m wondering how much “community property” gets sucked away there …

And by the same token, “exclusion” is not legally enforceable against casinos … although I have read that is may be used as “trump” when a “self-excluded” CG actually wins …

The excuse that casino workers “can’t tell” when a player is inebriated … neither can the police, sometimes. That’s what breathalyzers are for … I cannot believe the very weak arguments and “lack of” viable solutions that are used to justify ripping people off. However you want to characterize CG, NOBODY “in their right mind” throws their life away on a chance stacked against them. That much I am certain of. In fact, I am certain that the lax attitude and regulations are part of the reason that the recovery rate IS so low. Although gambling is not “my temptation” I have my own and I know how my own mind goes through the contortions when it knows better but still wants to “indulge”.

5) A while back, a little boy was sucked under the sand at Indiana Dunes. He was rescued and the area was shut down. ITt was gone over with special machinery before being reopened. Why? Liability. There are mechanisms for reporting problems with roads and all sorts of things the state is responsible for. However, even though the state permits, regulates and oversees gambling, they seem not to have made any process available to report problems. Since my daughters and I have been exposed to things that could have caused serious injury/death (and actually have, as PTSD is a serious injury), that seems to be negligence on part of the state. Whether deliberate or no … but it must be, here, as I have experienced what I have.

Those are just a few of my observations … I would be fine with anyone who wants to or knows more to refine or expand or comment.

I was appalled at the last telephone communication with a state legislative aide; I was told that my representative can only help with problems with state agencies. WHAT? These are the people proposing, wording and enacting the laws I am supposed to abide by. They should indeed be willing to look into the unintended (negative) consequences of their legislation … as willing as they are to have another summer study of the casino revenue drop “problem”.

I apparently walked into no-man’s land inadvertently … don’t know if my input, especially on this subject, will ever see the light of day … but it is a breath of fresh air, in general , to hear “don’t give up” and hear from someone who’s had some success!