Thank you velvet for your well thought out response. I have tears in my eyes because its so nice to hear from strangers with such insight and perspective based on a blurb I wrote.

In terms of communication with my CG, I actually find the angry ones easier to deal with because I see the addict coming to the surface full force. When you see glimmers of your partner in the loving texts, but nothing is changing, it is MUCH more difficult to deal with. This happened last week and it knocked me back 20 steps I had hiked up over the last couple of months.

I find every decision, every response I make is met with asking several peoples advice while I still try and stay ‘tough’ in my approach, especially when other family members are continuing to enable him or fail to acknowledge the problem. I have to realize that my relationship with my CG is different than a buddy’s relationship with him, a brothers relationship, and even a mother’s relationship. I am 28, and my future was wrapped up in this man. None of those people can say the same. My CG knows this, and realizes that he can’t give that to me , and I don’t actually believe he thinks he has a choice to change that. I may be wrong, but it helps me sleep.

Anyway, velvet I would have enjoyed joining the group yesterday, but was not home unfortunately! Hopefully next time 🙂