All your comments have been greaty recieved…trust me!

I’m still applying the make up and taking each day one at a time :).

I think something i haven’t touched on (what im experiencing at the moment) is a CG ability to manipulate.

We talk about how they do it when we are in the realtionship, lies, cheating etc but ive found that the art of maniupluation strengthens when we say no more!

My CG has said and done everything in his power these last 6 weeks to try ‘win’ me back and im left wondering if i am also part of addiction. I feel like he will stop at nothing, say everything, promise the world…almost like he’s now addicted to trying to get me back….does this make sense???

I’m not even convinced he wants me back, but it’s the losing that’s making him fight harder to make me back down.

I don’t know if im talking jibberish but wondered if anyone else has had this experience. He is in full flow at the moment and although i know break-ups can be hard, im wondering how long he will carry on for until he get’s distracted by a new interest.

I do believe he loves me, but i think his desire to not lose what he had, is stronger and this feels very confusing and hurtful.

Can someone please share thier experiences when this happens? I can’t talk to anyone else because although they try and be understanding, i don’t feel they understand how far CG are willing to go, to get what they want.

Hopeful28 xxx