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Thank you Ms Velvet.

I was up very late last night talking to the advice line as well. Unfortunately I got disconnected early but I got some good advice there as well.

I will definitely print off the 20 questions. I have been doing a lot of searching here but it is tough because I get teary eyed reading a lot of people’s stories similiar to mine.

“One last question – has she ever accepted her addiction?”
No, I cannot remember any of our talks which she has accepted it. the last few times, I asked her; ” do you not know that you are addicted?”…She either gets angrier or stops the conversation. At that point, I tend to let her go. I just have to deal with the silent treatment for a day or two.

I was going to buy her a gift today just to show her that she needs to be here. Nothing big, just some flower or something. Is this ok or not worth the time?

I am tempted to solicit the help of friends but still unsure. How do I approach them with this issue? I have trust issues now because of this.