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Let me first say Thank You so much for the support.

I am happy to say the beast has went back to his cave-for now.

We are at the remorse stage. Doesn’t matter my guard is still up.

This is my thoughts.

Im not convinced that a ga group will help. I think a personal shrink is the best bet. One on One. An addiction comes from somewhere. A dramatic event in life, an abuse, wrong lesson taught through childhood. A person is missing something or cant cope with everyday life.They need to numb themselves. She confessed that the reason for this was a discussion between her and my son and she was hurt by the conversation so she escaped.

Unfortunately her entire family is riddled with, addiction, bipolar, alcohol, drugs. (5) siblings, mom and dad. Thats alot. Is that even clinically possible that an entire family has this????Hmmmm or was is the way they were taught. There is more to this puzzle. They need to find the root of the problem first and I think at that point they can tame the beast after. She knows she has a problem. I see it. She gets frustrated over minor things. She needs to be complimented if she conquers a small task. A task to me or you without an addiction is small an normal or an everyday action.

This is my plan.

She opened a checking account for work, Why I dont know, Just a ploy to get to the money im sure. That was before the gambling outbreak. At this time our joint account is overdrawn and i have know choice but to use hers. Not a good position I KNOW….. But…. The law is, i monitor her account, I want a receipt for every dollar spent, If cash is withdrawn she needs backup, If the kids are given money they need to tell me mom gave them something. If one dollar is off or i catch a lie. Its done, I take control of everything. I know you are asking why i dont take control now is because of my busy job and the kids always want 5 or 10 at the spur of the moment cause i need to meet my friends- Got to love that-LOL I remember doing that to my parents. groceries. Emergency money. For now thats my plan. It worked well yesterday as she had proof of every dollar spent. I sign off on the receipt and put it in a folder so there is no chance of a trick. I an going to be a great accountant after this LOL. The final law is i dont ever want to hear that i am controlling her. Truth is she cant be trusted.

The strange parts is how i see that she is actually exhausted. I can actually see how she was overtaken by an entity during this ordeal. She is actually exhausted and bitter, I ask why bitter cause what she did I would think she would need to be as humble as a bird cause of what she did. She stated that she is pissed at herself for what she did. I so see how she was overcome by another force and she was just the host. Amazing….

I have been down this road before but never for 9 days straight and the amount of lies and deceitfulness. I am beside myself this time.

Let me know your thoughts

Thank You Again