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First and foremost thank you for your response. Reading these shared experiences gives me strength.
To answer your questions he did move in with his mother; however, he still left behind half of his belongings. I also asked that he leave the car as I pay for it. I told him that the only way he could take it was if he put it under his name and made the payments for it. To this day he has not giving me an answer about the car nor has he made an effort to pick up his belongings. I don’t want to revert to the same cycle where he comes to me only after his exhausted all of his other options and tells me that if I want to save our relationship, I must help him financially. I am getting older and I want a family, he has put my dreams and desires off to the side as all he can only think about his gambling. As much as I want to help him, and feel bad for him, I need to look after myself.
This has been such a difficult thing for me to reconcile. I don’t know how to move on. He is all that I’ve known.
I do feel that I love him with all my heart but I also feel I have done so much for him that I have failed to take care of myself.
He just blaintely ignores me as if we had never had any type of relationship, I don’t understand.