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It doesn’t surprise me to see posts on my thread. I would have posted yesterday however I woke with stomach pains and nausea that lasted most of the day.
I haven’t gambled in almost a week. P your posts to me were really lifesaving as they made me feel guilty and that’s not a bad thing when you ARE guilty!
My knee is on the mend however like my last surgery my blood sugar has been out of control. I went to the diabetic specialist and she has adjusted my insulin settings on my pump. I am taking tons of insulin now but its what I need and I just have to test like 10 times a day to keep a handle on things.
I think I will try to find a meeting closer to home. I have been to a few before just didn’t find what I was looking for at that time. I’ve got nothing to loose really.
I know one big trigger for me this time around had been resentment. I am very frustrated with Jenny and I let her drain almost all of my last retirement roll out. She called today for money to pay her electric bill. I know “cut her off” but easier said than done.
I have also been dealing with abandonment issues. My friend, the one who used to sponsor me, pretty much ditched me over the winter month. I was sick a lot this past winter and she quit smoking and quite frankly didn’t want me around. She is my biggest worry. When I “slipped” the first time around she dumped me as a sponcee saying it was over for when I went back out. Now she and I have a vacation booked for November and if she knows I have been gambling, well, I just don’t know whats going to happen there.
For the record I quit smoking, again, a month ago. I didn’t want to have surgery while I was smoking because I had so much trouble breathing after my shoulder surgery 2 years ago.
Now to stop eating!