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Kathryn I thank you for being honest and sharing that you had a slip, as you are helping others understand that no matter how long we have not played those machines, we are not “cured”. The machines are an addiction to us and like any addiction we can still yearn them no matter how long we have played them. I quit smoking for 14 years and I started having just a puff, then one cigarette, and need I say more, yes I am smoking between 5 – 8 a day now. I have been promising myself that I will quit again, but have not, although I don’t smoke in front of hubby and family. I suppose what I am saying is don’t let the little “slip” pull you back in. Don’t test the waters again.
You have been an inspiration to me on my recovery journey, and I did not put you on a pedestal, I used you as a way of seeing that it can be done!!!
I am getting close to my 2 year Anniversary from playing those machines and I have tested myself so many times, that I fear putting one dollar in a machine, as I know I am not cured and never will be. Yes, there are days that I yearn to escape, have fun playing machines etc., but that is looking through rose coloured spectacles…. the reality is the aftermath of not being able to stop, the lying, sneaking around (like I am doing with my smoking). Thank you for your honesty and helping so many in their recovery. You are doing awesome and continue to be an inspiration to me and many on this site!!!!