I really am touched by the words of everyone who has written to me and I’m sure my dog would be as well.

At the moment he is still here no real change one way or the other, the vet has given him new stuff to try so this is the last ditched attempt. He doesn’t appear to be suffering badly but then his quality of life is not good either.

So the next day or so will hold the answers I think. He does look very sorry for himself I have to say. I put him in bed with me the other night because I just couldn’t face another night downstairs and didn’t expect him to be still with me in the morning – but he was

I am not looking after me because I am too busy looking after him, cooking rice and chicken and constantly checking on him and staying at home as much as I can along with squirting water into him etc. I resent having to be at work but we have a bit of a rota going between us.

I am being guided by the vet at the moment and above all by the dog.

Being a retired greyhound he to has been a victim of the gambling industry and all of these things are coming back to bite him ! His back legs are less able to support him because of the injuries he had, his teeth are not great due to the rubbish they are fed when racing and he is quite neurotic and easily upset.

He can also be a bit of a drama queen which I also put down to his experience of the industry !!

My middle son is 17 tomorrow – another one about to start learning to drive ! so plans to celebrate on the weekend. My youngest has just joined a gym and seems to really enjoy it which has shifted some worry for me as he now seems to have some focus on something constructive – he has been a big worry in the last couple of years.

When I eventually have time to start getting out a bit more I will have a whole array of taxi drivers to ferry me about !! so its not all bad – I cannot believe the age they are now and all three seem to be towering above me – where has all that time gone.

Will update again soon

Jenny x