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I am in uk , I am currently disabled as I cannot do much in pain all the time but cannot claim disability apparently cus I can walk over 200 meter which is sick . I worked all my life soon as I got injured I been left all on my own . I am signed off got an amazing gp who supports me allot as he knows what I am going through at an age of 35 .
I am hoping work will retire me but it’s all stressful process got few insurance may cover me another few months once my pay stops but it’s just adds on to my worries .
My partner has all my. Finances except for this credit card to which I tried to cancel so many times but they won’t do it .
I closed all other cards so they are not usable but barclaycard is so annoying and would not doit .
It’s just horrible to know loads of debt is hanging over me I just hate the burden .
I feel like I am in a never ending cycle all I am doing is paying off credit card bills it’s like they are eating me alive .
I hate plastics I never ever want to have a credit card ever