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Thank you (((Bettie))) and (((Kpat))) for your kind words. I just love my cats so very much. I know I shouldn’t have a favorite but my Pablo, the one eyed cat melts my heart. He went from a farmer’s barn cat where he lost his eye, to a vet clinic cat, and then to a house cat. He talks to me a lot during the day and tries to sleep as close to me as he can. He thrives on affection and is almost like a dog as he comes to me when I call him. I’ve put not showing up at Remembrance Day behind me as Danny didn’t make a big deal of it like I was sure he would. The only comment he made was something to the effect that people fighting in a war didn’t have the luxury of saying I’m not fighting today because I’m tired. I’m glad I didn’t go because of the strife in Danny’s family. His one brother will not even say hello to him, because of the Christmas decoration fiasco that happened after Danny’s Mom died. The decorations were offered to his brother and he didn’t pick them up, so Danny’s Dad told him to take them to the dump. I informed his brothers that the decorations were at my house and to stop by if they wanted any of them. Danny’s brother and his wife phoned me and they were furious as he said they belonged to them. I told them that were it not for Danny, it would have all gone to the dump. They picked up the decorations and haven’t spoken a word to us since and that’s been a couple of years ago. Nothing is easy in that family. Danny complains that I only have three out of seven bedrooms rented in my rental accommodation. There is a 33% vacancy rate in my town right now as approximately 1000 people have moved on from the oil field plant they spent the last 2 years building. Everyone I speak with has had to reduce their rent significantly to even get renters. I am going to lose 2 of my renters mid December as their jobs will be over. At least the gambling money bleed has stopped, and that was significant. Construction companies have built an overabundance of houses in the past couple years and my realtor said that has been killing their business of selling pre-owned homes. I expect house prices to drop significantly which is not good news for us as we are trying to sell our home and acreage. One day at a time. Carole