Thank you everyone for your words. I appreciate it and find value to it. I would like to talk more about my situation to get more help from you all.
Twilight to answer you question my bf who is a cg does not have a steady job. He hasn’t worked in a long time, so it is just me who pays the bills. There are times where he can make money here and there, but he uses it to gamble and doesn’t help with bills at all. I work as much as i can to be able to cover all the bills that i have, but it makes me agry that i have to pay all of the bills and when he makes his money he uses it on his gambling only. He tells me to wait till another time and he will pay a bill. He even has the nerve to ask me for money. I cannot help but yell at him most times because it is very frustrating dealing with him and his addiction. For the most part when he is not gambling he is thinking about gambling and wanting to gamble. I feel like he has very intense mood swings when he isn’t gambling because in the morning he is mad that he can’t gamble and then in the afternoon he is fine and spends time with us and then the next day he gets mad again about the fact that he cannot gamble. I have to admit that for sometime i was enabling him because i would loan him money only because he would literally beg until i give it to him. We only have one vehicle, so when he tells me he wants to use the car for work i let him use it because he promises me that he will use the money to pay for bills. But more times then not he doesn’t and uses it for gambling. So it is very confusing to me. I don’t want him to use the car because i know he will use the money to gamble, but at the same time i am hopeful that he will finally decide to use the money for bills.

I understand that i need to take care of myself and not worry about his gambling, but i need to learn how to do that? When he is talking about his gambling i get mad and tell him he should stop gambling, but he only gets mad and it doesn’t benefit either of us. So what do i do when he is talking about wanting to gamble? What do i say?

I would love to have more information and resources about how i can learn to deal with a cg.

Thank you for your time.