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Thanks for you wonderful posts. I am bad for not posting on my own page lately. I find sometimes when I start posting here that I go on and on and on LOL It may be that when I need to post to work something out or just to get something off my chest that I come here and do it, and then when I feel okay then I don’t feel the need to post as much. I am always trying to analyze and understand things about myself now. I am also in a positive place right now as I am thinking of our upcoming visit to see our grandsons and our brand new baby granddaughter and spending Christmas with them. I know it is like a tonic for me to see them. I am soooo excited. I am truly blessed and I thank God for our new baby granddaughter. I know she will help heal some of the pain for my son and daughter in law with the loss of their still born baby last year. I know that no one will replace him and he will always be in their hearts and mine and many more, but a new life will help them. I cant wait to hold her, hug her and kiss her!!!