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Thank you for all your posts. I can’t really help much with this situation with my parents. I hate to let my sister have this burden, but until one of them tells me, it is too hard for me to bring it up. I talked to my Mom today and she was very chipper, my niece and nephews’s award ceremony is tonight. She was asking how much she should give my niece for graduation. She is my husband’s sister’s daughter. She was telling me about all the distant family that she sent gifts(money) to. She picked my son up from school today after his work detail punishment. She wants him to get a job.
I can’t get involved too much in their finances, my parents are only 63 and 66 yrs old. They aren’t demented. My Dad still works fulltme and he is brilliant. He drinks beer from the time he gets off work until he goes to bed. He is a royal jerk at times, but then he is a family man too. No wonder I have dysfunction, my Dad was my biggest supporter and yet he scared the living crap out of me growing up. He would say things like, you can be anything you want to be, you are smart, you are able. Then I have memories of my Mom having to pull over the car so he could puke, covering my ears so I wouldn’t hear him being sick. Both my parents have the best senses of humor, they adore each other, they are amazing, and yet, they are straight up dysfunctional people. Co-dependence, enabling, addictions, all that.
I am praying, but this is a scary time. I hope my Mom decides to renew with this group. My sister told her to do a two year contract. Maybe she will, otherwise because of her age, being below retirement age, she will see the tax man eat up as much as her gambling!
Speaking of taxes, my very first post mentions winning a couple of jackpots, well I won more than those two in 2014. Because I won, I had to pay taxes on my winnings this year. My so called winnings, because you know I never had that money for more than a minute, I paid over $3k in taxes on money I never got to use. So jackpots are lies too. I spent that money on gambling, then a year later I get to spend my own money on the fact that I won it! CG cannot win. A jackpot just costs me money, so why would I want to win one?