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Thanks for the words mate. I swallowed my pride this week, snapped my debit card and cancelled it and then rang my mother and told her everything that is going on and she was super supportive and i sent her my pay this week. I’ve been very busy with work this week which has made not gambling a lot easier.

Im very proud of myself this week even though its only early days but these small steps i have taken, have been something ive been avoiding for months now and finally got the courage to do it. What is strange is that when i got paid, i sent the money straight to her easily and thought to myself “this was easy, im done with gambling and couldve done it without her help” but then the next day i found myself very close to gambling the little money i had left in my account which was for a bill going out later in the day and then remembered that i cancelled my debit card so it would not be possible. 

So it gave me relief knowing i couldnt do it but also quickly reminded me why i took these steps and how disgustingly quick my mind was triggered back to thinking like a gambling addict.

So i guess things will be like this for a while and my mum will be holding onto my money for a while until i can sort myself out. This is the beginning of a long but worth it journey. Thanks for reaching out mate, its nice to know that people out there actually care for the progress of other members. Are you a recovered gambler or still fighting urges?