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Thank you for replying Harry – I agree that eight hours is probably too much – however they are on so late now – ten o clock and twelve o clock usually ( and yes you are right it is easier to remember less groups ) that to get to them means missing out on sleep. I also think maybe a few consecutive hours would be good so if u join a little later there is time to chat-that’s just my opinion of course- others may differ . I do however use the open groups quite a lot ( but am often very tired in the morning !)
I think a questionnaire is an excellent idea and I did read Janey’s comments when the groups were first changed. I thought it was a bad and rather silly idea then to put groups on so late and I still do. The meeting place simply does not work!
I am glad GT are consulting their “clients” now . It is good to trial new things but then listen to feedback and review.
I don’t feel I need to discuss this in a group – this is what this forum is for – but thank you anyway for the invite .