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thank you for the warm welcome back :)))) I am going to start actively seeking a second “little job” @ nights to keep me busy & help sort out my somewhat “messy” finances…while the biggies (mortgage, car, utilities) are ALWAYS paid; alas some credit cards are very delinquent….part of my problem has to do with being a hyper active person. ALL of my casino activity has been after dark (most of the time after midnight) These are my trigger hours when work and other activities are done for the day. The bad place was like an evil little place calling me in. At times I felt very “dirty” when I was driving down the interstate with the promise of “gambling”……Friends if I have to be honest; b4 the racino opened up, I was driving to All night Walmarts and Targets…….and at LEAST I had something to show for it. Now I NEVER shop unless utterly necessary. I DO KNOW that I will continue to try and understand my habits through self reflection, possible therapy (if insurance will pay), mild sedatives (which DO help, but I don’t want to be dependent) and continuing to visit and learn from places like this …..I have stated b4 that we TRULY are all in this together, and in reading others stories we learn, relate, and think. Have a WONDERFUL gambling free evening, Friends!!!!!!!! Razzabelle xxx