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Thank you Geordie ,
I have changed some things in order to make it more difficult to gamble –
I have disabled my PayPal account , have a large portion of my wages going to an account I cannot easily access and I have been paying extra off credit cards which means I have little left to play around with. I do still have access to money but not it is a joint account and in truth there is so little left in there I have been quite frugal even with all my purchases .more importantly for me I have very limited internet access .

Today is day 14 – two weeks gamble free.
People talk about not getting complacent about gambling –
The real danger is getting complacent about the other things in life which are important because we are so focused on not gambling .
My recent stress it turns out has been through my own complacency – not gambling is great and to be celebrated but I would prefer to be gambling thousands than go through the last few days . Turns out the issue has been my own complacency. I have learned a hard lesson .
So starting week two on quite a low – gambling still
Takes up too much of my time and thoughts – not through action and anymore but through reading , writing and thinking about recovery.
The urges are now fleeting – they come, I consider them and they go .

Vera hit the nail on the head – it is all about mindset .

Starting week two – aware that I cannot take my finger off the pulse on all the other important things in life .