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Thank you Geordie and Laura – it’s so nice to have posts on my thread but I know at times I post everywhere and at times I can’t face it . I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write me .

In the morning I will be on day 21- three full weeks since I stayed up practically all night gambling and went to work on two hours sleep- or an attempted two hours sleep .
It feels like forever since I gambled and yes I can feel complacency starting to creep in- and even a few urges .
I am forgetting how bad it was – I am forgetting how horrible I felt with no sleep and no money .

This is where Geordie’s point about keeping up support long after you have stopped gambling makes sense .
We need to go to GA and hear the newbies who are in the depth of pain. I now understand why the man I texted at GA thanked me for helping him – I did help him – I helped him remember the pain.

So tomorrow I have reached three full weeks .
And tonight I am kinda missing gambling.
But I also know not to trust feelings – actions are what matters and there will be no gambling action tonight .
Nite all.