Thank you Harry for your reply. I did not realise that gambling is not about the money. He seems very obsessed with money… Although I did suspect that for him it is also about covering up low self-esteem with the competitive high of winning. I also realise I am totally powerless over this, and I can only decide what is good for me. He thinks this life is fine and denies any suggestion of an addiction. He has built up a whole system of justification around it which even had me convinced until recently. Then it was like the scales suddenly fell from my eyes. It is like a sickness that is underlying every aspect of our life. He is definitely compulsive from what you say, that description fits, but because he seems to be making money at it and is also successful and well-liked in other areas of his life, he does not consider it a problem. When I voice my concerns I always end up feeling that I have imagined it, because he ‘normalises’ and justifies all the behaviours. It has been really draining and has undermined my confidence in my own judgement, and left me very confused. Anyway thanks again Harry for your helpful post.