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Thank you Jen ,
I replied on your thread !

Tonight I feel small urges to gamble – I am starting to realise that unless I banish them straight away they will grow – I think it was Monica who gave me this advice .

Tonight the urges are triggered by ads on tv- they really know which spinning reels to show!

On the bright side any friends husband is organising a surprise party for her – I can actually afford to take her out while he prepares – in the past I would have arrived late and stayed a short time – it’s these little things that make life better .

I also have visited my elderly friend quite a few times recently – she is so happy to see me as she can be quite lonely – I cannot believe how selfish gambling made me – I have neglected our friendship or begrudgingly given of my time .

My sister rang tonight and she is having quite serious health problems – I am worried about her but she lives too far away for me to help her . She is my best friend and always has been.

I am so busy right now – but somehow I seem to thrive on it .
I am too busy to gamble – that is for sure !
I have made decisions over the years and stopped doing things I did out of a sense of duty but which I find a drain, for example, I have not posted a Christmas card in about twenty years lol! As I get older I cut out more stuff which gives me space to take on new things.

So a gamble free life which has become too busy to gamble !
That’s sounds ok!