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Yes due to stretching my self out paying high amounts to my credit card got me to this state I think I need to reduce the amount and enjoy my self a little .
It just annoying it’s been good 3 months since I been gamble free , I need to take one day at a time .
Today I will be gamble free . That’s what I need to say to my self every day.
I can’t do debt management plan as I got properties to which I rely on the rent if I do that the banks will take ccj against me to force me to sell my flat to which I need to pay off bils as due to my health condition I am off sick and in two month I will get no pay at all and I cannot claim anything off the government with regards to benefits so it is scary times for me and I need to reduce this debt so that I don’t struggle when no pay happens .
I been booked in for my first surgery so very anxious and scared on top of it all I got court case running and could possibly loose my job so it’s all going crazy .
I just feel I want to curl up in a corner and just cry sometimes , I need that light and last night that light has gone