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Thank you (((Liz))) and (((Cat))) for your supportive posts. Yes Cat something did happen when I went back to the country, that solidified that my marriage is over. It doesn’t make it easier as I love Danny but I know that we can never ever live together again. He does not have the ability to be honest or to take responsibility for his actions, so there isn’t much I can work with here. On a positive note, I am back to my healthy eating plan. I’m driving my granddaughter home at noon today, am going to the bank to deposit cash I have in my purse, and am going to mail my professional designation renewal form and cheque. I don’t wish for the cash to disappear, other than into my account. I applied for a total of 4 jobs yesterday and today there is nothing new posted so it’s a wait and see game. I may get motivated enough to check out the hidden job market and start looking up where these agencies are, and paying them a visit in person, resume in hand. It’s snowing like crazy here again. Carole