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Thank you (((Liz))) for your kind post to my thread. Surprisingly, I don’t feel irritated by my “missing” paycheque as that is the way that organization operates. I’m going to try and phone them again today. My supervisor stepped down from his position so there is no supervisor to ask, and my old supervisor is vacationing in San Diego. I’m just happy that I’m not working in that dysfunction anymore. It affected my emotional health and screwed up my sleeping patterns and that is why I think I’ve been having insomnia. I was hoping that because it was a recovery centre, that it would be a healthy environment to work in. Danny has been negotiating with Jeremy to have our grandson travel with us, but no progress has been made. I had told Danny not to say anything negative or threatening to Jeremy even if he flat out refused to let our grandson go. Danny sent me a copy of the emails he had between him and Jeremy, and the last one sounded threatening to Jeremy, that he would lose what he had with his kids, and that he was glad that he wasn’t going to be the one to tell the grandkids that they couldn’t go to Disneyland. Jeremy has been diagnosed with borderline personality along with other mental health conditions, so I know that he is going to perceive what was communicated as threatening. I would react negatively to getting such an email. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Danny resorted to this kind of communication even though he had been clearly asked not to. Now we have no chance of our grandson travelling with us, short of a court order, which Danny said he would pay for. Jeremy’s reason for not letting his son travel is because he has not been immunized for childhood diseases, and it’s too late to get them as they need time to take effect. It was a decision that they both made while being married. We leave on December 13th for our trip so time is ticking by. Neither grandchild will be able to travel if both can’t go, which I agree with. My daughter is driving in from the country for an appointment today and there are vehicles littering the ditches along that highway because the roads are icy. I’m going to have to dig out my vehicle as it is snow covered and hasn’t been moved for 3 days. It will be good for me to get out for a while today, and as soon as I finish my morning coffee, I am going to color my hair. I’m taking it a day at a time in recovery, and I have to keep reminding myself that I have too much to lose to go back there, and of all the different bottoms I could experience. Carole