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Thank you (((Liz))) for your kind post. I am ticked off with Danny today. He was complaining that I have not done much work since he has been home. He is also complaining that I hire a cleaning person once a week now to clean my renters’ house. He complains about my cats and that they have taken over both bedrooms. Because we don’t like the same programs, I go to the spare bedroom and watch TV there, and the cats want to be where I am, cozy on the bed. The complaining and trying to fight with me started this morning because I didn’t want to go with him to town so he could get his injections, he could get a haircut, and could pick up salt for the water conditioners. I told him that I went to the hockey game yesterday when I really didn’t want to, and that I would be spending Rememberance Day with him and his family tomorrow. He said I sat with and visited with different people at the rink instead of being with him, and that I invited a couple to lunch after the game. I’ve cooked suppers for him, did dishes, did laundry and bought fabric and started to quilt (part of my recovery is having a hobby). I clean the litter box, vaccum, and feed my birds, and went grocery shopping. He is complaining that I spend more time with Claudia, my renter than I do with him. Instead of saying he would like me to spend more time with him, he starts nitpicking that I don’t do enough housework. He complains I don’t have enough renters as I only have 3 right now. There are a lot of vacancies right now everywhere as a major project in the oil field has been completed. He says I don’t bring in enough income from the rental to cover the costs of the house. He is complaining that he needs more space for his clothes. Get rid of some of it, you darn hoarder! He should be happy I’m not spending money gambling. And if there is one thing he should know about me, is that you don’t ask me to start planning my day before I’ve had several cups of coffee. He thinks that because he is away working for 14 days, that he shouldn’t have to do anything on his week home. I am not in this world to live up to Danny’s expectations! I’m fine with how much I clean as I’m sick of cleaning. Carole