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Thank you (((Liz))) for your support and kind words! I’m hoping that whatever needs fixing gets fixed prior to possession date for you. My guess is that if the seller is motivated to sell, he/she will put fixing those things as their top priority. I’m excited for you to move to a house that you chose. You’ll have everything the way you wanted, and those 2 turtles you bought as a reminder of your trip to San Diego. You will live in a much cooler environment, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!! Does it ever snow where you’re moving to? We had a winter storm that started yesterday later afternoon, and it looks like it’s going to stay. My vehicle is covered in several inches of snow and the roads are slick so I need to be very careful driving to work later today. I don’t have snow tires on yet! I’m guilty of magical thinking as I was hoping we wouldn’t get winter for a while! Your daughter’s retail store sounds like it’s going to have some interesting things to sell. I love unique clothing. My daughter and her running friends are travelling to San Diego tomorrow morning for a marathon, and they will be there for a week. It’s hard for me to believe that I’m back to working. Had I stayed with Danny, I wouldn’t of had to work, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I find that I am becoming more of who I used to be. I am more relaxed when I am alone, and have a more optimistic view of the world. I am no longer going to give my power away to anyone again. I’ve been blessed that I’ve had the time to adjust to the changes in my life without getting too overwhelmed. I have had anxiety about starting to work, and I feel some anxiety working my 2nd shift today. I know that once I feel that I know the job well, that this anxiety will pass. I just have to stay with my feelings for now. I have zero thoughts/urges to gamble. Carole